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Omazz® Zensational™

Progressive Recovery, Endless Comfort. Naturally! The Omazz® Zensational™ offers the best of both worlds – experience the perfect sleep hygiene of Omazz® natural Talatech™ latex and the new sensation of true peace and sleep comfort from a unique, progressive recovery support structure.

Omazz® Zensational™
Contempo™ Collection

Natural Zensation n

The Omazz® Zensational™ is not created from typical polyurethane-like memory foam. Instead, it is comprised of natural latex milk, air, and purified water. The Omazz® Zensational™ has been produced using a unique and newly innovative production formula, the Talalay process. During this New Age process, natural latex milk is blended with purified water and air before being transformed into progressive recovery foam that is both eco-friendly and natural.

Perfect sleep hygiene

The Omazz® Zensational’s™ foam has been created with an open-air structure. This open-air structure not only helps enhance weight balance support, but also provides excellent air-circulation within the mattress. By utilizing this distinctive feature, the Omazz® Zensational possesses four times more breathability than any leading artificial memory foam. Most significantly, like all Omazz® Talatech™ latex, the Zensational’s™ foam is naturally dust mite resistant and anti-microbial, as it is protein-free.

Sweet dreams with unique sensation

Sweet dreams with unique sensation

You will instantly discover a completely unique sleeping sensation offered by the great support of the Talatech™ structure found within the Omazz® Zensational™ mattress; the feeling of being gently embraced by the mattress once you (lie/lay down). Moreover, this unique structure further allows pressure points on an individual’s body to be brought down to almost zero. This is made possible as the surface of the mattress slowly cradles the body eliminating the dense sinking sensation typically encountered in conventional visco-elastic foams. “Cratering” is eliminated, while you will still be able to easily move from one position to another as the Zensational’s™ foam is designed to continiously recover and return to its original shape faster than conventional visco or memory foam.

Zensational™ Mattress Collection

Like all Omazz® mattresses, the Zensational™ collection is upholstered with luxurious cotton-velour class 1 fabric in a new olive-silver color and assembled delicately by the hands of our passionate craftsmen. The mattress is designed into two separate vital components

  • Toppers – made of natural Zensational™ foam to create a unique sensation while eliminating body pressures to zero and redistributing weight balance with an additional layer of Omazz® 44 ILD with ‘complex-zoning design’ Talatech™ latex foam at the very bottom of toppers. Moreover, the cover is padded with Omazz® Evercloud® Latex at the very surface of the mattress for further body-pressure reduction to maximum.
  • Base core – made of a combination of Organique®foam and Omazz® micro pocketed-coils to provide stability of weight support underneath and ideal firmness for optimal push-back support