Omazz Arctic Goose Down Duvet

Hand sorted in Arctic, such quality of goose down is most recognized for its warmth characteristic. Every touch and feel says it all. It is just simply elegant.

Omazz Himalayan-Cashmere Duvet

With cashmere hair sleeping culture reaches highest levels. This prestigious and sensual material is especially cuddly and particularly soft
allowing you to enjoy exquisite sleeping pleasure with air-conditioning effects. Exclusivity and prestige guaranteed, as Omazz Cashmere duvets are delicately filled with the most precious and finest noble hair.

Omazz Icelandic Eiderduck Down Duvet 90"x100"

Omazz Icelandic Eiderduck Down Duvet

The use of Eider duck down for sleeping comfort can be traced back to the ancient time, when the royal families and elites often demanded the finest in every part of their exquisite lifestyles. Iceland Eiderdown is considered the world’s most precious down filling and the finest of all that ever exists.

Omazz Siberian Goose Down Duvet 90"x100"

Omazz Siberian Goose Down Duvet

Siberia is best recognized for its rough climate with extreme variations in temperature. Thus, there are not many livings there that are able to adapt and survive. White geese are amongst the few greatest adapters. Their wonderful, matured down fascinate by their soft touch and very good warmth insulation in spite of their extremely light weight.

Omazz Tussah silk Goose Down Duvet 90"x100"

Omazz Tussah Silk Duvet

Tussah silk fibres are light and offer a cooling effect to the body. Silk as well is humidity regulating as it absorbs a great deal of moisture including perspiration and oil from the body. Thus, it keeps you dry and cool during summer nights.