Omazz Noble White Down Pillow (Medium)

Omazz Noble White Down Pillow

Handpicked from 100 days old young baby geese only, Omazz Noble White Down Pillow Collection is a prerequisite to truly luxurious bedding. Extremely light weight, luxuriously soft and naturally cuddly – experience sleeping on heaven!

Omazz Siberian Goose Down Pillow 50x75cm

Omazz Siberian Goose Down Pillow

Siberia is best recognized for its rough climate with extreme variations in temperature. Not many livings there that are able to adapt and survive. White geese are amongst the few greatest adapters. Their wonderful, matured down fascinate by their soft touch and very good warmth insulation in spite of their extremely light weight.

Omazz Talatech Latex Pillow 20"X30"

Omazz Talatech Latex Pillow

Omazz®, Latex Foam pillow a natural-based product provides many benefits to your body and your sleeping environment. With Talatech™ process, Omazz® pillow has unique property in efficiently adjusting the shape to support every curve of your body, head and neck.