2018 Collection

Omazz Mattress - Fanthom

Omazz Mattress – Fanthom

Responds in 7 unique supportive zones and extra comfort balanced by mere air between vertically laid pocketed coils, the FANTHOM collection provides solid lumbar support where the body needs it most.

Omazz Mattress - Fonnelli

Omazz Mattress – Fonnelli

The FONNELLI collection is a boutique mattress with a posh exterior for modern urban dwellers.Featuring ultra supportive Super Bonnel Coil system with foam encasement at the base core, 6 layers of natrural-based Opened-cell Organique foam with zoning system allow distinct level of relaxation for the different body parts.

Omazz Mattress - Frangton

Omazz Mattress – Frangton

The Coil-in-Coil support system of the FRANGTON collection works in 5 unique zones for distinctive weight support and the secondary inner coil is placed within the primary outer coil creating Duo-Balance support for maximum weight distribution.

Omazz Mattress - French Totto

Omazz Mattress – French Totto

Laid in honeycomb shape for the maximum space coverage, this extraordinary coil system has 2,820 individually cotton wrapped coils (King size) and works in 10 unique zones.

Omazz Mattress - Floshino

Omazz Mattress – Fulliner

Natural Italian Merino wool is hand tufted under cover fabric made of organic cotton, the Coil-in-Coil support system of the FULLINER collection works in 5 unique zones