Omazz Mattress – Flynna Well


The Fe Roma collection is designed for plush support with the right amount of firmness mixture. Its core support features Omazz® Pocketed coil (Medium firm type) giving the benefits of undisturbed comfort as the system works independently from one another unlike conventional coil system.

The Flynna Well collection, incorporating the favorite Omazz® TalatechTM Latex topper geared in the EURO Top with the Individually Pocketed Coil at the base, is designed to provide for your boundless sleep tranquility. Incorporated in the EURO Top, TalatechTM Latex topper (7.5 cm.) introduces the state-of-the-art full air circulation, while reduces any pressure points on the body, resulting in the profound sleep comfort. Exclusively Omazz®, our Individually Pocketed Coil technology guarantees the superior support with utmost balance. The Florian Hill is the perfect solution for the side-sleepers who find the Full TalatechTM collection too soft to their liking but still prefer Individually Pocketed Coil as the base core system.

EURO Top System : Omazz® Talatech™ Latex Topper – 36 ILD and 24 ILD

Core Support System : Individually Pocketed Coil plus foam encasement

Mattress Height : Approx. 35.50 cm.

Mattress Cover : Sanicott treated Cotton-Velour

Comfort Level : Plush

Carefully hand-crafted

In order to maintain perfect cleanliness and purity, we use only water-based and naturally derived liquid adhesives during the creation of all our bedding products.