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Omazz Fairmont – Ice Aqua


Omazz Fairmont – Ice Aqua

100% Finest cotton 950 Thread count. Appreciate the pleasures of distinguished tastes and values with the New Omazz Fairmont Bed Linen Collection.

Finest quality cotton of 950-thread-count offers exceptionally lustrous touch with hand-made border pleats that defines luxury bedding. Meticulously finished with unique NectarsoftTMtechnique in which bio-enzymes cross-link yarn and fabric naturally by reacting at microfibre level to remove weak cotton tendrils. This delicate process results in lustrously crisp, internally smooth, and amazingly soft fabric that enriches your bed with graceful drape.

With the New Omazz Fairmont Collection, immerse yourself in a sleep quality that only tailor-made premium bedding can provide for.

Omazz Fairmont - Ice aqua